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These are questions that we normally receive by students/first timer. If this section does not answer your questions, kindly email us via contact form given at the Contact menu.
Q. Is Skydiving dangerous?
A. Depends on who you asked? If you were to ask Mr. Know All, the answer will be YES! The best part is that he can tell you a lot of negative incidents which the skydivers themselves have not heard of.

Q. Are the instructors qualified?
A. The Club Instructors and Jumpmasters are highly qualified. The Club has open its doors in 1980, more than 30 years of experience on training students.
Q. Are there any injuries?
A. There are but very seldom and if it does happen, it is due to the negligence of the student jumpers themselves and at times the unforeseen weather.
Q. I am too fat?
A. A common excuse by those who are scared to jump.
Q. What if my parachute does not open?
A. We will tell you on how to handle such situation during the class.  
Q. What is the age limit?
A. 18 is the minimum, with parental consent. Our eldest student jumper is 59 years old. 
Q. I am afraid of heights?
A. Another reason commonly heard. Who wouldn't, especially if you are sitting in an open aircraft at 4000 feet. Remember that you have a parachute behind your back that will open once you leave the aircraft. Anyway, the training that you undergo will give you confidence on conquering heights.
Q. Why can't we jump in KL?
A. There are no open and safe areas to drop student jumpers in Kuala Lumpur. There are too many obstacles and the local airports are too busy with commercial flights. 
Q. Where will the ground class and jumps be held?
A.Ground class will be held at the Chief Instructor residence in Kuala Lumpur. Jumps will be held at Segamat Golf and Country Club, Johore. It is about 2-3 hours drive from KL and is ideal for student jumps as it is in the center of a golf course.

Q. How often does the Club jump?
A. We try to do every weekends if there is availability of aircraft, permit and good weather. 

Q. Will I get a certificate?

A. Yes, we will award you with a certificate along with a Student License.